We Got to Do this Again..




Williamsburg, Virginia, US.
May 2016

The Farmsteads of Colonial Williamsburg, gave Lisa and I a sense of exactly the type of Life that would have given us a major reason to take up Arms against British Rule. Not that we do not respect the Earth or the Earthiness of Hoes and Poles. We are not the Laziest of Colonialist or not those against Persons of Sustaining Life and Liberty. We, while visiting were passed, on a dirt road, on our way out of This Beautiful Town by Two Oxen in a double Wood Harness.

Lisa and I do not suffer from Colonial Unpatriotic American Affluenza, we suffer from a Ancient Chinese form of the Crud, Dragon Ass. We were Draggin’ Ass Big Time.

Big Town and Big Time, we had a blast and are going back for another try at this, Historic, Time Traveling, Romantic, Food and Fun Assed Place.

We will return at the end of June 2016, yes it is that great that we are making a return, 5 weeks later.

Check Us Out and Travel Out Loud…
Lisa and Jeff, Crazy Assed Travelers

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