Lots of Friends at River Bend

What If? The moment you think it is going to rain, it flat out rains. Why must, we as Humans watch the weather forecasts on television or the Internet? If your ass is getting wet, cold, hot or twirled about, “Then, Now You Know”.
Spent a Week near Home Space, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, US. Too much beauty as a Place but Crazy as hell to Camp at. Lisa and I, always have the Crazy’s to blame when Jeff, Veronica and Family are the ones making us reach beyond Crazy. Wonderful People, Bless their Hearts, Crazy as all get out but they do not know they are.

The Greatest of Times is when we feel the age of life, moments of thought and next day when, Knowing Nothing is Greater than Now.

River Bend Campground is a Simple but Beautiful Place to stay, be it in High Dollar Rigs, mid level pull always or rags on ground, the stay is with the coolest of Humans and the most pressing of ducks. The beauty of the stay is what you take away.
The Craziest Assed of Travels are always the moment when the topic around the camp fire is of The past, The present and The future of the next time we all meet.
When your Family are your Friends, Life is so damn fun that Reunions become Crazy Assed Travels…
Crazy Assed Travelers

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