Reasons of Every Morning Wonderful

Every Morning in Our World is a statement of the stuff, Perfect. The way things around us smell like brand new, the vibration of air and sight dancing as if We are the only reason Why. Morning could never be an illusion or the aftermath of a dream, for Nothing feels more Real, we do have bad dreams and the Raccoons just emptied the Garbage Can of the Fun Folks camping downwind from Our last night Simple/Grand Meal of Perfectly Grilled and Chilled Smiles.

Fall Creek Falls State Park explains the Reasons of Every Morning Wonderful. The air is lower because the ground below is cooler. The sun rises higher and so does the expectation of every Life, the warmth gives way to the rise of Breath and Worth of Why, Now is Reason to Be Alive This Day, Now. Not Science or Faith, just Because.

The Silence of Nature here sounds more like, WOW, Look! Damn that is high, There is no way that is possible, that Deer is chasing a Groundhog, Deer don’t eat meat, why are we not seeing any other Campers, oh the Trees are in the way.

Here we seem alone but that is the entirety of wrong. Everyone wants to know how we are doing and where are we from. The Great Ones from Florida, standing, drinking coffee in a spot of 6:30 am morning Sun ray, not to feel home but to warm their bones. The British Columbia Family, exploring the Southern Charm and the beautiful couple from our home town waiting for the entire family to show up soon.

Seven times Seven, Lisa and I have Camped this Most Beautiful of Land and will do the same till Heaven.

The Inn snuggled up to the little lake has the most inviting people, the buffet has a delusion of every Country Church’s Dinner on the Ground or Grandmother’s Table. If you ever get a chance, be it camping, hiking, biking or boating, take a drive through Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee, US. All of the local municipalities lay claim to this beautiful park. Van Buren County, Bledsoe County and White County.

Oh, Yeah, there are these friggin’ Waterfalls that clutter up this entire park, valleys so deep and forest so vast that there is no reason for anyone to visit. Stay Home, watch TV, Facebook and Twitter your ass off.

Be here tomorrow or the next day after… Be Here, Now.

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