Those That Speak In Riddles

imageSo my Words I whisper seem to be riddles but they never disappear. The things I do, you never thought about at all as being at all.

Do you know why of Mona Lisa or if the Art was meant at all. Did Preacher Horace Burgess not hear from his God to make the Greatest Statement to show the World that His God is the Greatest.

I present you with the Entire World”s Largest Tree House, my Man Horace built this. Because… Just Because, He friggin” Did it and that is all, AMEN.

Lisa and I traveled those crazy perfect directions to see the Very Word of God in action. Thanx my Friend for showing me your Heaven, I bow to the “Penthouse” you built up High for your Lovely Wife.

Crossville, Tennessee, US, is the most unexpected town we have believed in all along and didn’t know it and just become part of in a while… Forever.

If to top this travel experience, it is the visits of fun friends and secrets told that made the campfire crackle in laughter. When each step toward every step is made, those that know why the Journey means more than a single destination, are the ones that Love Us.

May be a dream, a Crazy Assed Thought, four quadrillionth of a second made to seem forever, did this travel into all things. If to come true was to meet in person, Mr. Burgess.

Cumberland Mountain State Park, Crossville, Tennessee, US.

Crazy Assed Travelers

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