Those That Wander

Those that Wander Together are Most Likely Crazy…



(In the dialog Sophist, written in 360 BCE)…

“My notion would be, that anything which possesses any sort of power to affect another, or to be affected by another, if only for a single moment, however trifling the cause and however slight the effect, has real existence; and I hold that the definition of being is simply power.”

If I said, What If? The simple of Words and the Pure of Our Very First Kiss, the time of that moment when, every Now and Back then became, Here – Now.

Lisa Glen Smelcer, thank you for Being with me in our recent Travels and this Crazy on going Love Affair. Sorry about the unexpected and the all you knew good and damn well would, Happenings.

This past several weeks of Travel are placed in the forefront of the Crazy of Craziest Hall of Flat out Fun. Every Character is in the very place of Our Mind, Universe and Heart.

Where do we come across these Humans, Damn, I know, they carry us.

To All that put up with us, know we put up with your Asses too.

Jeff and Veronica, the instigators of the Crazy Visit, crackling fires but this time not freaked out. The Miss Veronica and Miss Lisa of the bunch adding beauty to the crowd, knowing how to mix the Crazed with the Reason why it all happens. Lovely Women are always in the forefront of Being.

Debbie of the Nature Track, NationaL Park Representative, caught up in the finding of Animals that she does not know about, why the hell is a Platypus so hard to find in its own Habitat? Betty Ann, the best of us all, having no problem with conjuring up crazy assed notions, while sitting amongst others patiently awaiting the cannon’s fire. Betty Ann is forever happy and always welcome to bring her calm from the back seat.

Does a Traveller (British Sense) ever leave the place of Known, the Home of Never to Forget, Friends and Family always With… Greatest Times and Crazy Assed Travels are with the Heart and Noise of Our Everyday.

Jeff and Lisa

Crazy Assed Travelers

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