Eternity of Girls and just those guys… A Bayou Love Story

image.pngimageThere was nothing set aside by Those that know nothing about that thing that, that, thing told about those things. Damn, Those Things Were Fun…

Did you ever, “Not” hold on that moment or that Crazy Assed, Something, What If, that Place inside your Heart, it Beat-ed different and made you want to Kiss Yourself. This is Bayou Love, LA – Lower Alabama, Gulf Assed Crazy.

Ted said, this is Home and I fell to my knees. Lisa and I, to say Nothing because we laughed so Hard and out of the blue something was said. Something, my ass, everything became flat out for real. Real World in Native Tone.

Every Word Said as in Everything Pure, The Blessed Beauty of his Life is Diane, his Muse and the Perfection putting up with his Shit. Bless both their hearts, Diane and Lisa not knowing if the morning will bring about morning chow or different shoes.

If you don’t know about the Bayou then you do not know about Hope Inside Wonder. Did a simple storm make them mad, do the stories of a aftermath make them sad?

No, God did them right, God made them Hard Core, God made them Bayou, Gulf Shore, God Have Mercy, they are not right but the Heart is in a place where I must have went Plum Crazy…

I asked Miss Lisa, to Marry Me at this most beautiful of Places, the other day.

Now. You Know…
BLB… Bayou La Batre,


Jeff and Lisa


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