What If? What? If? Be…

What If? Everything is Erased from every Human Mind about every political moment, election, kingship, dictatorship and every type of rule. What If? What If?

Currently there are over 7 Billion Humans upon our World. If a Leader would so be needed, if a Human to take the Chance to Become a Voice.

I know it will be, those that hold the door for you, those that smile at you, those that say thank you and those that mean it for Real. It will be a vote for those that carry your bags, touched your touch, said it funny, heard you, saw you, believe you, trust you, needed you, wanted you and Be You.

At this point there is over 7 Billion Leaders of us All.

What If? Think.

Mr. Jeff and That Miss Lisa
Crazy Assed Travelers

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