Four Universes, Three Days, Three of Us and It Crashed Perfect

(Part One of Four)

123… Who should you Be, the Security Check Risk, Airplane Door Opener, Emergency Provision Grabber or Regular Ol’ Traveler. This is a Place to write about this great trip to Orlando, Florida, US.

The Universes – Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot…

Three Days – PEAK Season and I Mean the entire World was there and having a blast… What did I say Last, oh Yeah, Peak.

It does not matter, all Life could show up at a single Orlando Theme Park and the Experience is always the Same, Fun… Crazy Assed and Inside Your Mind.

Goodness Greatness Shit Gets Real Fun…

Three Of the Us – Miss Betty Ann, The Miss Lisa and my crazy ass, Mr. Jeff, Makers of the Collided.

Part Once –

Knoxville, TN Airport – the CPAP Machine is exactly the same as a Laptop Computer. Yes it is… Yes, Exactly the Same, What the Hell are you mouthing about?

“See this CPAC air Machine, it is EXACTLY, the Exact Same as a Laptop Computer.”

“Over the intercom, we said to take your Laptop Computer out of the Case and place it in a separate plastic bin.”

“Since you, Sir, been here we have announced the Laptop be in separate bins, out of the case… 3 times over the System.”

“Three Times since you got in Line, Laptops Separated, Different Bins… Understand our Policy?”

“CPAC Machines are exactly the same, no different as a laptop, NONE.”

I just want to get to Orlando, no big assed deal, as this Protecter, ransacked my CPAC Carry on, looked into my eyes and unplugged the Hose to it, walking off.

We are safe at Midnight… Love all of you and Thank You for Being.

I didn’t want to make a Scene because I looked over and Miss Betty Ann was getting Frisked. What the Hell? Laptop and CPAC is a very minor situation, My Girl Miss Betty Ann, Getting Patted Down? Serious WTF Now Moment…

Of all and every Human upon Our Earth walked into this Airport, that single moment 7.3 Billion of us could have been there at Security. The One of everyone one of us I trusted, in Completion, without Doubt that had no reason, what so damn ever had no reason to blow the shit out of this or any airplane, Miss Betty Ann.

Shit, I Friggin thought CPAC could be made into some explosive shit. Fuck, The Miss Lisa may have Rifle Crosshairs on my big ass head right now… Please, Miss Betty Ann… Then again. Yes, this Story is not finished… What If? Miss Betty Ann, Damn… I am just remembering as I Write.

Damn Betty Ann, Get Some.

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