Local Love and How We Breathe

We Are Going Local, Sevierville Tennessee… the Crazy of WTF
(New Center Edition, part One)

Where We At, we are right Here, at our Home… Sevierville, Tennessee, United States of America… Miss Lisa and Her Guy, Jeff. We Love this Place and This Place is Crazy as no way Norm.

The instant you stay or see this place, I am going to be the blame… I am so sorry you laughed out loud and you shit yourself seeing the Crazy Folks…. So Much I Apologize for Leading You Here.

We Must be an Ass to make you Believe that Sevierville Is all about Crazy Persons. We are in Love with You, You are in Love with Us and In too Much Inside of your Mind, Think, Thunk and Thank You.

Meet us and you will tell a Story, You Will Have a Story, You Will have a Lifetime, Shit Load of Stories… Get to Know…

Chubby’s Diner, you have no idea, you think you do….

A Hamburger, We have Chubby and Clyde Vibe, we understand they are so much more then we all are. The Chow comes from the Wonder of the entire Crew… Lisa and I can never Bow enough, ask blessing enough… For Honest, you will not Starve and I Swear it is Five Friggin’ Stars.

Breakfast and Lunch, Lunch and Breakfast, the World never Swirls like this, except here at Chubby’s, they make the World Different as you first sit down… it is never really the Food it is the People doing it for you. That is Bullshit because it is Both, right here, right now, for Real, Real… I am a Big Guy, I know of Great Chow and Chubby’s Diner is, The Place…

Tell you about, Tennessee Legend, this Place on Earth… Too much a Fun Time, Beautiful Guys and Those Girls, so much More, Too Much of Beauty in this Place… Listen to the Heart Beat of FOLK as the Corn Burns so Beautiful. Old Mountain Moonshine, Helluva Charm, Wicked Corn Juice, Perfection is Dedication… Oh Shit, did We say that? Meant every Word and We see them different, We are all of them…

If We are Imposingly Supposing that You should be here with us, Then, Yes, We guess we are Imposingly Supposing get here Now…

Got to Get to Know, Mike Chambers and the Entire Bunch at Chambers Market. Do You Feel left out? Show up at this Place and you will be Crazy With Love, 5 am kinda Love, how in the hell are They so Loving that Early? That’s why We show up, to get an Egg Sandwich, a bit of Love Love, a Juice and a coffee from them.

They is all about that, “Early Morning Love Affair”….5 friggin’ am? Maybe 0510 or on a Whim, get a bit of that East Tennessee Love here… Mike is Governor or something, We want him to be, He Loves Us and This Entire Country…. He does it here Local… We all Do…

I Never Shook Mike’s Hand, Never Hugged Chubby’s Neck, Never had the Legends Family into my Home, I have Kissed Miss Lisa Because of introducing me into this Universe…

All of Us, All of You, Care Enough, Love Enough, Believe Enough, Play Enough, Eat Enough, Raise Hell Enough…

Mr. Jeff Miss Lisa

Crazy Assed Travelers.

Sevierville, Tennessee just in case you fall in Love….

Same Same…




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