About Us…

We are, Mr. Jeff and Miss Lisa, the Humans that build upon a Moment in Every Time and in Every Place. Being of Simple Beginnings, deciding upon Exciting Happenings and just falling in love over a long assed period of time. 

Just Being, we both, came into this Every Moment with Intense Passion, Heartfelt Respect, Screaming Wondering and A Single Touch.

We, Make The Entirety of Life the Place, a Place, where a Whisper may be a Scream, Heaven reaches at times down into Hell, Make Believe is the Real Deal and She is His Reason to Believe in Every Love Story.  

So, here we both go, place to place, moment of moment, crazy von crazy and everyone and all things are Possible. 

We are, just as We All are, CRAZY ASSED TRAVELERS.  

Follow Us by foot, by caravan, by Spirit or within our Heart. You are Invited to Believe That Insanity and Different will Make You… BE.

Crazy Assed Travelers,

Lisa Smelcer (Sevierville, TN, USA)

Jeff Newsome (Slick Rock Holler, WV, USA)

5 thoughts on “About Us…

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  1. You and Lisa have a fun and safe journey… we look forward to following your next adventure! !
    Ralphee and his son will be talking a 17 day trip out west in September, you’re part of the inspiration for new horizons…


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